What Does BTB Stand For........

the big picture

The only thing constant in today's business world is change.  This can be a good thing because staying stagnant can mean being irrelevant.  In a world where last year's business plan or risk assessment is only as useful as last year's calendar, change is a requirement.  One of the most important services provided by BTB is helping clients manage that change.  Whether it's internal changes as a result of growth or restructuring, or external changes in regulations or the market, change is inevitable.  By helping our clients understand how today is different from yesterday, we help position them for the best possible tomorrow.

Outstanding people, delivering real solutions with a fresh perspective

The big picture is something BTB looks at everyday.  Its the motivation behind every action we take on behalf of a client and its one of the reasons our clients come to us in the first place.  Most of our clients dont just come to us for our services.  They come to us because they want someone to look at the big picture - their company or personal goals.  They want straight answers to some tough questions.  What are we doing right?  What's wrong? What's missing?  Through our big picture approach to tax, accounting and consulting services we can provide the answers.


It's Time for a Fresh Start